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Technology: Internet Reasoning Service (IRS)

<p>KMi’s Semantic Web Services framework</p>

Stefania’s Final Day in KMi

Today was Stefania Galizia’s last day in KMi. Her ‘KMi Story’ is unique in many respects. First arriving as an intern during her PhD, then after impressing all of us she came back as a Research Fellow to work on the large EU project on Semantic Web Services – DIP. Within this project she worked…

A Professorial Chair for John Domingue

Professor John Domingue who originally came to the OU to do his PhD, entered KMi when it was formed in �95. Now, as one of the leading academics in the world of the Semantic Web, Professor Domingue has been awarded this prestigious title after years of dedicated work in his field resulting in highly acclaimed…

SOA4All and Service Web 3.0: Creating a Web of Billions of Services.

Emerging technologies such as the Semantic Web, SOA, and Web 2.0 will transform the Internet from a network of information to a network of knowledge and services. The number of services which will be offered on the Internet is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years as will the amount of collaboratively shared…

Semantic Web Services and Business Presentation to Telefnica

Last week saw John Domingue give a presentation on how Semantic Web Services could be applied to business at the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid. Telefónica is one of the world’s leading telecom companies, with a presence in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, a total of 196 million customers and a total worth of around 100…


March 2007 saw KMi host a project meeting for the SUPER Integrated Project with more than 60 participants from industry and academia. SUPER aims to develop a technological platform to support the management of business processes in a scalable and semantically interoperable manner. On the agenda were discussions on: the SUPER process modelling ontology stack,…

Stefania and Alessio are Getting Married

Today KMi celebrated the forthcoming marriage of Stefania Galizia and Alessio Gugliotta. The first ever wedding between two KMi members. Their wedding will actually take place in just over one week’s time in Calabria, Italy where Stefania grew up. Both Stefania and Alessio are Research Fellows in KMi working on Semantic Web Services within the…

Glowing Final Review Report for DIP

Last week a glowing final review report arrived for DIP the 3-year 16M Euro Integrated Project on Semantic Web Services. Although we have reported earlier that the final review had been a success it is unusual for an official EU document to be so full of praise. In the words of KMi’s Director, Enrico Motta:…

DIP: a 16M Euro Flagship Semantic Web Services Project

Yesterday saw the conclusion to DIP, the 3-year 16M Euro Integrated Project on Semantic Web Services with the final review. According to the project funders, the EU commission, the endeavour has been an outstanding success. Concluding the final review the EU Project Officer Kai Tullius stated: “DIP is a flagship project which will serve as…

New KMi Book on Semantic Web Services

Today sees the publication of a new KMi book "Enabling Semantic Web Services: The Web Service Modelling Ontology". The Web Service Modelling Ontology (WSMO) is the leading European semantic characterisation of Web Services with substantial impact. In particular, WSMO provides the conceptual foundation for a dozen European projects with a combined budget of over £50…

KMi Semantic GIS System wins Scripting Challenge at ESWC 2006

KMi Semantic GIS system won the Scripting Challenge at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006). The system was created by Vlad Tanasescu, Alessio Gugliotta and John Domingue in collaboration with partners at Essex County Council and BT Research Labs in Martlesham and supports council planners dealing with severe weather emergencies. Using KMi’s semantic web…


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