A Professorial Chair for John Domingue

Professor John Domingue who originally came to the OU to do his PhD, entered KMi when it was formed in �95. Now, as one of the leading academics in the world of the Semantic Web, Professor Domingue has been awarded this prestigious title after years of dedicated work in his field resulting in highly acclaimed research output and the recognition of the semantic web community. Professor Domingue was quick to acknowledge the input and support of his fellow academics and members of his group. �This is not the sort of thing one gets by oneself�. During his time at KMi Professor Domingue has successfully developed a team of individuals who provide the support and input needed to gain the recognition of the Semantic Web community and to build a cluster of projects based upon the Semantic Web Services broker IRS-III. The latest focus of his work is centred on the �Future Internet� – a new initiative which will develop a new Internet architecture for Europe for 2015 founded on a service oriented approach. He has been invited to talk about this at the forthcoming �Internet of Services� meeting organised by the Service and Architecture unit in Brussels. Everyone in KMi recognizes this step in Professor Domingue�s career as a well deserved recognition of his unceasing enthusiasm for his field and the excellent results that he has achieved. For more information on the work of Professor Domingue follow the link to his homepage below.

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KMi Director Dr Peter Scott celebrates Professor Domingues success with a glass of champagne
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KMi congratulates Professor Domingue


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