Semantic Web Services and Business Presentation to Telefnica

Last week saw John Domingue give a presentation on how Semantic Web Services could be applied to business at the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid. Telefónica is one of the world’s leading telecom companies, with a presence in Europe, Africa, and Latin America, a total of 196 million customers and a total worth of around 100 billion US$. During the talk John covered the results of the DIP and SUPER projects. The main results of DIP include an ontology for describing Web services and a comprehensive set of tools for creating and using the semantic descriptions including KMi’s Semantic Web Services broker IRS-III. The application of DIP technology was demonstrated through KMi’s eMerges application which combines Semantic Web Services and GIS technologies to support emergency planning in Essex County Council. This work recently contributed to Essex County Council winning a national prize for emergency planning. Within the SUPER project semantics are being applied to describe business processes enabling business experts to directly manage business process which exist in IT systems. The talk attracted over 100 attendees and was simultaneously broadcast to four additional Telefonica centres at Valladolid, Barcelona, Huesca and Granada.