ZZ Tops £1M

No, it’s not Texas rockers ZZ Top, but our own Dr. Zdenek Zdrahal who is now directing 100% European-funded projects worth a combined total of over £1M to KMi. ZZ’s latest chart-topper comes in the form of a European Framework V project entitled ‘Clockwork: Creating Learning Organizations by means of Contextualised Knowledge-Rich Work Artefacts’.

Clockwork, a 3.4MECU project involving five European research centres and two engineering companies, runs under ZZ’s direction and brings in over £500K to KMi. The project follows on the heels of several other ZZ-led European projects, including: Knowledge Models of Medical Guidelines (EU Framework IV), Enriching Open Distance Learning by knowledge sharing for collaborative computer-based modelling and simulation (EU Socrates), and Enriching representations of work for organizational learning (EU Framework IV).

Clockwork is a leading-edge knowledge management project with implications for business-to-business commerce. The project will develop knowledge and web technologies to support organisational learning and knowledge management in the engineering domain.

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