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Yinchuan is one of the world’s leading smart cities. This growing, modern city has much in common with Milton Keynes. Host to the TMForumInFocus international conference with over 1000 delegates from over 66 countries, Yinchuan already boasts a range of smart city initiatives that include air quality, traffic and healthcare.

KMi’s Alan Fletcher addressed this global audience in September to introduce them to the MK Data Hub as part of the MK:Smart project and the concepts of innovation through data creation. 

Joining speakers from as far apart as Toronto, Delhi, Brisbane, Buenos Aires and of course China, MK:Smart is contributing to this truly international conversation on the nature and future of smart cities. TMForum in partnership with ZTE brought together this group of C level representatives to explore current thinking and developments in the smart city arena.

Yinchuan has been working hard to deliver innovation in big data management for the city and has instituted a comprehensive review of process and systems and reduced city bearacracy.

Yinchuan is seeking to solve its “city Diseases”, those of traffic, air quality, drinking water, waste management and smart health. In one community there are examples of sensor data being delivered to citizens in a mobile app to provide them with dynamic environmental information. Yinchuan is pioneering work in smart manufacturing, emergency response and smart hospital. Its emergency response centre now uses drones to provide live data updates and guide response vehicles to the scene of the emergency.

MK:Smart project, (lead by the OU) will provide insight into the use of data curation in a data innovation system – The MK Data Hub. 

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