Working in public can be cool!

In the recent frenzy of bid writing for the last round of the current EU framework, Hexagon has again shown us a new face. As the bid deadline approached, our EuroScholar bid team (as you would expect) started firing out more and more urgent emails wrt bits of work that we still needed to do together!

Clearly, FlashMeeting was a pretty essential tool to allow us to focus on touching base in an online meeting BUT we really needed to know on a minute-by-minute basis (especially as the finishing-line approached) who was doing what, and where they had got to. So, I asked two of our team to drop in to Hexagon for a while – so that we could work together – in public for a while longer thatn the meeting would allow. The result was that these colleages did not leave the room for over a week – and pretty soon everyone else was there too!

On average, there were maybe 5 of the team in the room at any one time; but it peaked at 12, and someone was pretty much always there – even during the weekend… pushing it forward, IN PUBLIC (and really LIKING the shared experience!).

Working in public is powerful.

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