Welcome back to your office …

You walk up to your computer and it says “Hi Peter”, unlocks the screen saver and lets you in. When you leave it, on comes the screensaver and the lock until your return.

How cool is that?

Well if you have a bluetooth phone, like the Sony Ericsson T68i and a neat piece of shareware like Jonas Salling&#39s Clicker then you are there!

So, does it work? Yep, (nearly). Sometimes, it can take a few seconds for the bluetooth connection to re-pair … so on occasion I can wait 20+ seconds for my machine to come back on its own, after I enter the room. But on average, if I saunter back coolly (which I do alot! 😉 then it welcomes me just as I enter the door. You may not believe this, but that is actually a very good experience!!!

Obviously, you can script it to do pretty much anything … oh, and it can send commands thorugh SOAP to a server to do neat presence stuff too.

So … Mark G. suggested I get a curry for the first person to spoof me and break into my Mac via this route … I will add a pint to this IF you can do it without nicking my phone!

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