Touch base with Chris Candlin (New Prof FELS)

Chris Candlin is visiting (seconded to) FELS from his home in Macquarie, Sydney. He will be working in batches of time at various locations. He is a linguist with an interest in Health so a few health-related folks met to touch base and brief him on what is going on atm.

Who was there: C.N.Candlin, P.R.Shakespeare, J.B.Roche, G.Needham.

He was interested in Pam Shakespeare&#39s chat about developing materials around ESL for nurses in China (and potentially other ESL healthcare workers); and Jo Mutlow talked about contributing to development of a diploma in leadership for an NHS trust which includes materials on interprofessional communications. I did a BuddySpace etc sales pitch. He popped up to the lab for a look around and arranged a re-visit for a proper chat in a couple of weeks.


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