TELLME Valencia

The Valencia, Spain base of the furniture company AIDIMA, at their Instituto Tecnológico del Mueble, Madera, Embalaje y Afines was host to the third general meeting of the TELLME consortium this week. KMi Director, Prof. Peter Scott, joined the meeting to progress our work on this Collaborative project of the ICT Work Programme under the European Commission 7 Framework Programme.

TELLME is bringing together a rich mix of Service oriented Manufacturing; Learning Ecosystems; Living Labs of SMEs; and Learning at the Workplace into one programme. The furniture manufacturing scenario, represented by the AIDIMA team focuses on learning in a Spanish ecosystem of manufacturing and learning support companies. The meeting ran a Barcamp session to promote a set of project technologies to the Furniture Design Learning specialists. High on the agenda were KMi technological pieces like Sociallearn, FlashMeeting and Crunch (pictured). 

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