Supporting Community through ICT: roundtable workshop

KMi has hosted a roundtable workshop examining research into supporting community through the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). The two day workshop brought together academics and practitioners from as far afield as Australia and Brazil to exchange stories, highlight interests and consider possible solutions to issues in their research.

Organised by Mark Gaved (KMi), Larry Stillman (Monash University, Australia) and Peter Day (University of Brighton), the workshop considered case studies brought to the event by the participants. Key themes were drawn from the studies, and areas of contention analysed. Using a “world cafĂ©” method, participants exchanged ideas and considered possible solutions to their common issues.

A wiki was developed during the workshop and participants will use this, along with their initial presentations, to draw together some key statements that can be taken forward and developed to inform the research community. Mark will be presenting the outcomes at Communities and Technologies 2005 in Milan.

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