Stefan Rüger Invited for Keynote at ImageCLEF

Professor Stefan Rüger of KMi has been invited to give a keynote at the ImageCLEF Workshop on Visual Information Retrieval Evaluation in Corfu, Greece, on 29 September 2009.

ImageCLEF is the cross-language image retrieval track which is run as part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) in conjunction with the European Conference on Digital Libraries.

Like other evaluation campaigns ImageCLEF contributes significantly to the research community by providing common datasets and common tasks such as medical image annotation and retrieval, photo annotation and retrieval and robot vision. These tasks are competitively attempted by a number of research and industry groups around the world. In that respect evaluation campaigns both play an important role in Multimedia and Information Retrieval to assess cutting-edge research ideas, and they further the field in general.

Rüger’s talk "More than a thousand words" will examine the challenges and opportunities of Multimedia Search, ie, finding multimedia by fragments, examples and excerpts.

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