Stadium Live supports Digital Innovation Workshop

KMi’s Stadium Live technology was used this week to support remote attendees to a STEM workshop on digital innovation, held in the Hub Theatre and hosted by Patrick Mcandrew (Director, IET), Doug Clow (IET), Hazel Rymer (acting PVC, (Learning and Teaching) and Andrew Law (Director, Open Media Unit).

Initial ideas were prompted in response to a set of cue cards; then a set of learning scenarios were discussed which brought forth more ideas. Each group then had to decided which of their ideas was the best and one person from each table, including Lara Piccolo as representative of the remote group, had to present their idea – in just one minute – to the rest of the room. The best ideas were then voted for.

Running alongside the website, built by Damian Dadswell, Stadium’s streamed video allowed the remote audience to listen to proposals put forward by the physical audience while widgets were used to vote on the proposals that other tables had promoted.

There were a maximum of 14 remote users including one in South America.

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KMi News Image 0
Table Q – control room for the remote audience
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Lara making note of all incoming suggestions
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Screen-grab of the Stadium Live interface
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Visual minutes


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