SOA4All: Achieving a Paradigm Shift in Software Development

The three year 13M Euro SOA4All project has now come to an end with a very successful final review. The main aim of the project was to facilitate the creation of a "Service Web": a web where services exist in large numbers and are easily found, composed and invoked. In addition to the headline quote above other highlights in the feedback included praise for all the dissemination including tutorials and videos, our standardization work in W3C, our applications especially an iPhone App already available within the Apple’s App Store and an application for searching over online video content. We were also praised for our scientific leadership in the domains of services and Linked Data and in end-user web application development. KMi’s significant involvement in this large European project includes: filling the role of Scientific Director and membership of the Executive Board as well as leading the largest and the training workpackages. We have also extensively contributed to the 100+ project publications including authorship of the highest cited paper and producing a project white paper, which, although only a few months old, has already been downloaded over 700 times. As the Commission’s Project Officer stated in his final statement the KMi SOA4All team have along with our project partners "created something that we should all be proud of".

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