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Friday 6th Feb 2004 Peter Scott and Sue Downie (Corous) visited the Shell Training Centre in Holland as the guests of Peter Bentley (pictured). Their training centre operation is a very big business!

The Centre was, strangely enough, running a big workshop for one of the OU Business School courses, B871 or somesuch … so there were OU notices all over the place! They use the Twente U. TeleTOP VLE stuffed with OU content via Corous “Nuggets”.

The KMi presentation took 2 hours to a large group of Shell Learning management folks, headed up by the boss Adam Lomas. Adam kept the gig tightly focused on next steps for Shell. The whole team seemed very engaged in the critical KMi messages.

I talked about Compendium, Buddyspace, Magpie, Stadium and a range of our other systems, before focusing on FlashMeeting and Hexagon. FM was skipped quickly as these were the folks that bought the whole company to Centra! But Hex made a big impact. The folks hung around in the main KMi room for some time. One of their team (Andy Cooke) from his home in the UK joined the room and listened in on the discussion via my laptop mike and camera. Marion Mckechnie (Corous) joined the chat also. It worked pretty well – though my laptop is too slow to run the audio/video stream and powerpoint comfortably together.

I was very pleased with the reception.


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