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Ever needed to find out where you could publish your latest work on social network analysis? Or have you ever wondered works of which researchers you may include in your PhD literature review on tagging? Or perhaps you want to know what are other research interests of Tim Berners-Lee’s community of practice? Answers to these sample queries can be found at the end of this story…

KMi members of the EC-funded KnowledgeWeb project are glad to present the most recent fruits of their collaboration with L3S, a partner research institute from Hannover, Germany. The latest outcomes of the KnowledgeWeb project have been packaged as web services to enable the Web users take advantage of our advanced semantic support for learning and research developed within the project. Services included in the public demonstrator are based on our in-depth semantic analysis of DBLP content, which we keep regularly updated. Sample queries you may try range from simple publications retrieval to more sophisticated recommendation of leading researchers for a given area, appropriate publication outlets, or community of practice identification for a given individual.

This work is an extension of one the most recent applications of KMi’s Magpie technology for developing semantically enriched applications based on standard web browsers equipped with a Magpie plugin. Supporting services mentioned in this story can therefore be accessed either natively via annotations of web page with the help of Magpie, or via a purpose-built web interface.

The KnowledgeWeb supporting services are available online at ASPL: Web Services Access site (see link below). You are invited to try out these services as a part of your research and research-related writing. In particular, we are keen to hear your opinions on these enhanced queries and also, your suggestions for further improvement would be greatly welcome by the ASPL team (Martin Dzbor and Dnyanesh Rajpathak from KMi, and Joerg Diederich from L3S). We would also like to thank Damian Dadswell for helping us with some of the HTML coding.

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