Semantic Evaluation at Large Scale

The new EU-funded SEALS project had a very positive kick-off meeting in Madrid a few weeks ago, where representatives of the 10 consortium members gathered and started to work on creating a platform for the automatic evaluation of semantic-based technologies. The SEALS Platform will provide an integrated set of evaluation services and test suites which will be used in two global public evaluation campaigns. The results of these campaigns will form the basis for semantic technology roadmaps identifying sets of efficient and compatible tools for developing large-scale semantic applications. The evaluation services will initially be available for five different types of semantic technologies: Ontology Engineering tools; Storage (Repositories) and Reasoning Systems; Matching tools; Semantic Search tools; and Semantic Web Service tools. The platform will provide easy and free access to the evaluation services and to the results of the evaluations performed. KMi plays a significant role in SEALS leading the work on the evaluation of Semantic Web Service tools. One consequence of our work is that Liliana Cabral now Chairs the Semantic Web Services Challenge, which is the globally accepted forum for evaluating how best to apply semantics to the Web Service technology stack.

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