Roundup of Recent Visitors

Mike Uschold (Boeing) (21-nov)
John Fox (cancer research UK) (7-oct)
Simone Groothuis (Academic Press)
Mansur Darlington (engineering dept. @ bath university)
Maarten Sierhuis (nasa)

E2B – 10/10/03
Shell – 13/10/03
Nature – twice
BBC Digilab – 4/08/03
Danish Association for Flexible Learning (big visit) – 11/09/03
SoftCapital Ltd – 23/12/03 Sport4All with David Bellin and Graham Miller – 21/11/03
Macromedia UK – 30/09/03
Papplewick Trust (Director, Ian Smith and Dennis Brennan of Brennan & Whalley Limited) – 13/11/03
The Manufacturing Foundation (James Bentley) – 20/11/03

There were a few of our usual Acad Visits:
OU Netherlands (Koper) – 24/09/03
PVC Kent University (Mander) – 21/11/03
Monash University (Treloar & Joy) – 14/10/03

The really BIG corous visit with 15+ major companies was July, as was NERC.


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