Round-up of Current Interns

Alexandre Gonçalves from Brazil. Currently, a researcher in Stela Group, a research group linked to Federal University of Santa Catarina. Here to finish his PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr Enrico Motta. Research subject based on text mining integrated with ontology and how this approach can offer models to the discovery and management of knowledge.

Kelly Vincent, previously at Edinburgh University where she did an MSc in Speech and Language Processing. At KMi, she is developing some community support tools for use in the CIPHER project. These include a web interface to a scheduling program and an approach for effectively annotating stories and classifying story events.

Denilson Sell is a Brazilian visiting researcher, also from the Stela Group, spending one year at KMi to carry out his PhD research. His research focus is on applying intelligent semantic reasoning in an international knowledge network in Science & Technology (Scienti Network), in order to improve the system interoperability between the members of this network.

Stefania Galizia, from the Università della Calabria, Italy where she is a 3rd Year PhD student. Her research activity is in the sector of Artificial Intelligence and, more particularly, in the area of logic based formalisms, for knowledge representation of common sense reasoning. Main focus of attention is on disjunctive logic programming (DLP). She has also worked in the field of Ontologies where a new language for Ontologies specification and reasoning was proposed based on the combination of the main features of Ontologies servers with the deductive power of knowledge-representation languages from the field of logic-based Artificial Intelligence, and Disjunctive Logic Programming in particular.


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