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Project: COVID-19 Research

<p>A view of our labs response to the pandemic</p>

PT Anywhere used for remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

PT Anywhere, a flagship KMi technology, has played a vital role in remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several universities from across the world have incorporated PT Anywhere in their curricula and have been using it for remote laboratory sessions with their students. PT Anywhere is also featured in the UK Government’s Digital…

KMi’s Social Data Scientists are featured in the Finnish Press

Congratulations to our Social Data Science Researchers whose work received wide coverage in the Finnish press this week and in an OU News story. The research, led by Gregoire Burel, Tracie Farrell, and Harith Alani, aimed to examine misinformation about COVID-19 online to improve the effectiveness of the response to the pandemic. The group’s work on HERoS…

KMi researchers develop worlds first COVID-19 digital immunity passport

KMi researchers have created the world’s first digital application to certify COVID-19 immunity test results. The Open Blockchain Team, led by Professor John Domingue, have developed a prototype mobile phone app that enables instant verification of tamper-proof coronavirus test results and vaccination certificates. Speaking on the new mobile phone app Professor John Domingue, Director of the…

OU Receives Grant to Combat False COVID-19 Information

KMi’s Harith Alani, Professor of Web Science and leader of the Social Data Science group, has received a grant of €393,000 from a European Union (EU) emergency fund to track the spread of misinformation about coronavirus (COVID-19) on social media platforms. Harith and his team will track the extent of misinformation about COVID-19 in social…


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