Prof Enrico Motta delivers his Inaugural Lecture

Enrico Motta today presented his inaugural Professorial lecture "The Age of Semantics" in the Berrill Lecture Theatre, introduced by OU Vice-Chancellor Brenda Gourley. Professor Motta assessed the current status and promise of the Semantic Web and situated the developments in the context of fifty years of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In particular, a long-standing research challenge in AI concerns the so-called "knowledge acquisition bottleneck".

Enrico Motta is Professor in Knowledge Technologies and a former Director (2000 – 2007) of the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) at the Open University in UK. He is one of the world’s leading researchers in the Semantic Web, which can be characterized as a large-scale "web of data".

Enrico was congratulated by recently-retired Professor and "Chief Scientist" of KMi, Marc Eisenstadt.

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A familiar figure congratulates Enrico


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