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Person: Tom Heath

<p>Tom Heath</p>

ISWC+ASWC 2007 Eats Its Own Dog Food

During the last two years the Semantic Web community has increasingly been "eating its own dog food", by ensuring that it produces the data necessary to build a Semantic Web, and then consumes this data in novel applications. This trend has been evident in Semantic Web conferences such as ESWC and ISWC, in which KMi… Shortlisted for Semantic Web Challenge

The team within KMi were notified this week that the site has been shortlisted for the 2007 Semantic Web Challenge. The Challenge is an annual event organised in conjunction with the International Semantic Web Conference series, and each year recognises applications that demonstrate the best of the Semantic Web. A record 23 entries were…

Revyu joins the TagCommons

As the world keeps tagging, how can we integrate this collective intelligence on a Web-scale? KMi project Revyu joins the effort to find out The Web has seen a recent explosion in tagging – using keywords to annotate things. High profile examples include the sites Flickr for tagging photos, for bookmarking and tagging Web…

KMi News gets (very slightly) more Semantic

KMi members Chris Valentine and Tom Heath spent Friday (27th Oct) lunchtime hacking the RSS1.0 (RDF) feeds of news items on the KMi web site, with the aim of bringing more Semantics to the news items KMi publishes. Topics and authors of news items are now described using the FOAF vocabulary, with links made to…

KMi Semantic GIS System wins Scripting Challenge at ESWC 2006

KMi Semantic GIS system won the Scripting Challenge at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2006). The system was created by Vlad Tanasescu, Alessio Gugliotta and John Domingue in collaboration with partners at Essex County Council and BT Research Labs in Martlesham and supports council planners dealing with severe weather emergencies. Using KMi’s semantic web…

KMi Students at the 2nd AKT Doctoral Symposium

PhD students from KMi took part this week in the 2nd AKT Doctoral Symposium, held at the University of Aberdeen. The event was entirely organised by students from the EPSRC-funded AKT project, providing an opportunity to present doctoral work to a public audience and gain experience of the peer review process. KMi student Vlad Tanasescu&#39s…

Hacking Local Wireless Information Systems

KMi recently hosted a series of events focused on localised wireless information systems, led by Saul Albert (WirelessLondon) and Jo Walsh (co-author, Mapping Hacks). Jo Walsh led a KMi Podium presentation outlining the possibilities provided by localised semantic web applications, describing some of her theoretical work and the practical applications she has been building in…

KMi at Third Semantic Web Summer School

KMi students joined more than 50 others from Europe and beyond in Spain last month for the third Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW05). Co-directed by Enrico Motta (KMi) and Asun G�mez-P�rez (UPM) the school covered topics such as ontology mapping and alignment, semantic web services, and human language technologies. As…


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