OUBS Relationship Progress

PJS hosted a visit today from Gilly Salmon (OUBS). Gilly was keen on progressing KMi activity on three fronts:
(1) Her chairing of the OUBS Management Certificate course – with 5K students and very tight margins imposed by OU tariffs.
(2) Her own external commercial activity. She has an international company with 8 (or maybe she said 11 – not sure) full time staff selling her e-moderating and train-the-trainer stuff.
(3) Her own research and presentation stuff.

I was selling FlashMeeting, Buddyspace and Stadium XO in these contexts. She has suggested taking a portfolio of stuff involving these 3 (plus some others maybe) to her course team meeting on 10th Dec. Plus she suggested trying XO out on Gary Slapper and FM out on Steve Little. She has also agreed to act as a *reseller*, at least in her presentations, if not via her company(s).

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