New President for STI International

At the recent General Assembly meeting for Semantic Technology Institute International (STI International), held at the end of September in Vienna, the members voted in John Domingue as the new President. STI International is an global organisation with over 35 members in Europe, North America, and Asia with a mission to “make semantics real” – to exploit Semantics to overcome societal, economical and technological challenges and the limitations of current communication and collaboration technologies through the provision of scientific foundations, technological frameworks, and real-world applications necessary to make Semantics an integral and transparent building block of information systems. These ambitious goals will be achieved through the collaborative efforts of STI International members who include the primary actors in the Semantic research field. For example, STI International members include Stanford, the Free University of Amsterdam, the University of Karlsruhe, National University of Ireland Galway, University of Innsbruck, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Acelor Mittal, British Telecom, iSOCO, and Franz Inc. As President John Domingue will be overseeing the STI International Executive Board whose members include: Prof. Dieter Fensel, Prof. Rudi Studer, Prof. Hannes Werthner, Dr. John Davis and Alexander Wahler. He will additionally be reporting the STI International Advisory board which is comprised of: Dr. Michael Brodie, Chief Scientist of Verizon Services Operations; Dr. Richard Benjamins, Director of Technological Strategy at Telefónica I+D (R&D); and Dr. Mark Greaves Director of Knowledge Systems at Vulcan, Inc.


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