Multimedia Interaction at the University of Delft

In a visit to the Multimedia Interaction Group at the University of Delft in the Netherlands recently, Al Selvin presented his research work to the team there. Al was invited to talk to the MMI group about his work on "Coherence, Engagement, and Usefulness as Sensemaking Criteria in Participatory Media Practice".

When skilled practitioners create media artifacts such as web pages, newspaper articles, videos, or business presentations, they are engaging in a pursuit which has consequences for the people who will interact with those artifacts. The juncture of practice, artifact, and consequences involves diverse normative considerations.

We have summarized these into three criteria: coherence, engagement, and usefulness. This talk reported on progress to develop a method for assessing these criteria in a particular form of skilled real-time media practice, and examine its application to analysis of live participatory hypermedia construction sessions.

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