MnM Released

The first version of MnM is now available for download at MnM supports the process of annotating web pages with semantic content, to create a semantic web. The tool provides a number of innnovative features, including both automated and semi-automated support for annotation. It integrates a web browser with an ontology editor and provides open APIs to link MnM to ontology servers and for integrating the tool with information extraction (IE) tools. MnM works with a number of representation languages, including RDF, DAML+OIL and OCML. The annotated documents can be used to populate ontologies or as a training corpus for information extraction engines. The MnM IE plug-in is generic and documented and therefore developers can add new IE mechanisms to the system. The version of MnM available for download has been integrated with Amilcare Version 2.1, a tool for Adaptive Information Extraction from Texts. Amilcare has been developed by Fabio Ciravegna, University of Sheffield.