Millennium Commissioner visits KMi

Lord Dalkeith, a Millennium Commissioner, visited KMi on the 3 September together with Rob Luke, Manager of the Millennium Awards Scheme, to discuss a proposal for an Open University and Living Archive Millennium Awards Scheme.

The aim of the proposal is to encourage and enable parents of schoolchildren to gain new skills in the use of computer and information technologies, and an understanding of their use for teaching and learning in their children’s schools through research of local history and the sharing of their findings with their community through the Web and contributing to local archives. The proposal brings together the skills and experience of the Multimedia Enabling Technologies Group in KMi and the Living Archive.

Small groups of parents will form CLUTCH (Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History) Clubs which will be associated with schools where their children attend. A high quality Training and Support Centre would be located in KMi.

Watch this space for the outcomes of the proposal which we hope will be known by the middle of September.