Marta is one of "AI Ten to Watch"

Marta Sabou, who joined KMi last November, has been chosen as one of the top ten young AI researchers in the world, to be included in a “AI Ten to Watch” article, which will be featured in a special issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems, one of the top magazines in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The publication of this issue has been timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Dartmouth Workshop (generally considered the birthplace of modern AI).
The announcement was made by Prof Jim Hendler, IEEE IS Editor in Chief, who said: “nominations of the top AI researchers to have received their PhD in the past few years were solicited from a wide range of well-known AI researchers and department chairs. We received over 50 nominations from the US, Europe and Asia, and a committee of senior members of the IEEE Intelligent Systems Advisory Board picked the top ten. All the nominees were eminently qualified and doing exciting work, and the ten winners represent the very best of the field of AI. Marta was chosen as one of the recipients of these awards, and will be featured in our July/August issue.”

Congratulations to Marta for winning such an important award.

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