LED to be featured at DLfM and ISWC 2014

The Listening Experience Database has earned two slots in upcoming academic events on Digital Libraries and the Semantic Web, both themes much cherished by KMi folk in the realm of Web science.

On September 12, LED will be presented at the first International Digital Libraries for Musicology Workshop (DLfM 2014) by Royal College of Music researcher Simon Brown and KMi researcher Alessandro Adamou. This event is organised in conjunction with the ACM/IEEE Digital Libraries 2014 conference and is its first dedicated forum on musical and musicological topics, which had been featured in shorter sessions during previous instalments of the conference. Simon and Alessandro will be presenting their paper S. Brown, A. Adamou, H. Barlow and M. d’Aquin: Building listening experience Linked Data through crowd-sourcing and reuse of library data.

On October 21, LED will also be demonstrated during the Poster and Demo session of this year’s International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014). Alessandro and Mathieu will stand as delegates of the LED project on the KMi’s yearly appointment with this major conference.

This marks the debut of the technological edge of LED – whose development is carried out entirely at the KMi – in dealing with real-time management of curated and crowd-sourced linked data. These events also pave the way for the now-imminent release of the first LED open dataset.

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