KMi wireless network pilot a success for Earth Sciences Summer School

A KMi pilot project has enabled a mobility impaired student to participate in the Earth Sciences summer school for course SXR339 "Ancient Mountains". The KMi developed ERA (Enabling Remote Access) System provided a wireless link to enable the student to view live video and direct a geologist to take photos of areas that she&#39d not otherwise be able to access.

Using an innovative combination of wireless networking technologies, laptops, and video and stills cameras, the KMi development team (Mark Gaved, Lewis McCann, Chris Valentine) have worked alongside the SXR339 course team to devise a pilot system that could be used across a wide variety of learning environments.

The pilot field tests were a success – some minor on-the-spot hacking was required as lessons were learnt, but the student (Jackie Wardill) and Earth Sciences team (tutor John Whalley, field geologist Louise Thomas, and course manager Jessica Bartlett) were happy with the results and discussions about the system&#39s future development are underway.

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