KMi successful at ISWC 2004

This year&#39s International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2004) was another successful occasion marking presence of KMi in the Semantic Web research community – simultaneously on several different fronts. The conference took place in a wonderful city of peace – Hiroshima, Japan. It followed the last year&#39s success in Florida and was even bigger event with more than 420 participants from both academia and industry.

KMi was represented in every aspect of the conference. First, Martin Dzbor delivered a highly appreciated talk on the progress of the work with Magpie – KMi&#39s innovative framework for developing semantic web applications. This talk was a part of the main programme (November 9th, 2004), and was included within a session on semantic interoperability, which was shared with a “semantic heavyweight” Bijan Parsia (from Jim Handler&#39s MINDSWAP team).

Furthermore, KMi was represented in tutorials, where John Domingue and Liliana Cabral were key organizers of a tutorial about web services, which was reported on earlier. On the same day (November 7th, 2004), Martin Dzbor delivered a keynote talk at a Workshop on Semantic Web technology for mobile and ubiquitous applications. This talk focused on lessons KMi has learned from applying its range of core technologies in diverse situations, and was based on tools such as BuddySpace, Stadium, extreme webcasts, CitiTag and similar.

On November 8th, 2004 Enrico Motta gave his talk about using Semantic Web technologies for education in a Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for e-Learning. His paper has been co-authored by Arthur Stutt and presented a vision of future, semantically enhanced learning environment. On November 10th, 2004 both Martin Dzbor and John Domingue participated in the ISWC technology demonstrations, and showed our achievements with Magpie and IRS-3, respectively. Both raised significant interest, and audience included members of Nokia&#39s research lab, Stanford&#39s medical informatics group leader Mark Musen, Manchester University team, and many others.

And finally, the presence of KMi in the Semantic Web research community has been confirmed by appointing Enrico Motta as a Programme Chair for the next year&#39s ISWC, which shall take place in autumn 2005 in Ireland. Well done!

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