KMi Showcased at the OU’s STEM Faculty Official Launch

Yesterday saw the official launch of the OU’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Faculty which KMi joined from 1 August. KMi had a stand at the showcase as part of a celebration of some of the researching and teaching that is undertaken by the faculty.
KMi’s stand included some of our projects focussed around the theme ‘Future Technologies for Learning’:
OU Analyse – identifying students that are at risk of failure;
Blockchain – early experiments in placing Open Learn badges onto a blockchain
Stadium Live – embedding interactivity within live webcasts in modules
An Augmented Reality application designed to support students studying human biology here at the OU.
The KMi led project MK:Smart also had its own stand which highlighted a taster of the project and was shared with KMi’ers and other colleagues in STEM.
The event was very busy and both the MK:Smart and KMi stands sparked a lot of interest, including from both our VC and Executive Dean.

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