KMi Projects Dominate Semantic Web and Ontologies Conference

Last week saw presentations from KMi projects dominate EKAW the premier European conference on the semantic web. One indicator of the lab’s impact can be derived from the number of accepted papers. Over a hundred papers from 20 countries were submitted to the conference. Of the 20 full papers accepted 6 were related either to our EPSRC funded AKT project, our online shopping project Alice, or our new EU project funded project Dot.Kom. Indeed only two countries (the host nation and Holland) had more papers at the conference than KMi. The main topics of the conference were ontologies and the semantic web, with invited talks from Tom Mitchell, Jim Hendler and Nigel Shadbolt. KMi presentations covered Yuangui Lei’s PhD work on creating and maintaining websites via ontologies, the MnM ontology based annotation tool and novel interfaces for semantic web services.