KMi On Show For Open Day

KMi will be open to the public on the 24th of June from 10am until 5pm, as part of the Open University’s Open Day 2000 Programme. Our theme for the day will be ‘The Future of Learning and Knowledge’, and KMi’s Harriet Ansell has provided a special child-friendly website for KMi visitors and their families (see link below).

During the day KMi’s Director, Prof. Marc Eisenstadt, will give a short presentation and video demonstration entitled ‘Beyond Virtual: A vision of the future of education’ (every hour on the hour, at the KMi Podium on the Fourth Floor of the Berrill Building). In addition we will have a number of stands showcasing our work in the following areas:

  • Open Book: See your own Open Day commentary on the Web
  • Technologies for Broadcasting over the Web
  • Lyceum: Virtual Classrooms with Multi-way Audio and Graphics
  • How we can Integrate Working and Learning
  • Technologies for Managing and Modelling Knowledge
  • Software Agents which can be Delegated Tasks
  • Electronic Publishing and Discourse
  • Streaming Media

See KMi’s Special Open Day Web Site (best with Flash 4)

See the OU’s Special Open Day Web Site


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