KMi investigates RFC 1149 – IP over carrier pigeon?

Never frightened of cutting edge research, today KMi ventured into testing RFC 1149: “A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers”. Who was our new guest? An intruder? Or part of a radical research development dreamt up by those boffins in the South Wing, investigating the comparative transfer speed of standard wifi versus the feathered variety? It has been noted by other researchers that avian carrier offers “high delay, low throughput, and low altitude service ..without significant interference with
each other, outside of early spring”. It is also noted that carriers have an intrinsic collision avoidance system, and communication is not limited to line-of-sight distance. While applied research has been carried out in Norway, this is the first time we&#39ve heard of experiments being undertaken in the UK.

Mind you it might just be a lost pigeon.

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