KMi awarded 4M for Semantic Web Research

Professor Enrico Motta and Dr John Domingue of the Knowledge Media Institute have received a set of record-breaking awards totaling �4m from the European Commission’s Framework 6 Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. This is the largest ever combined award obtained by KMi associated with a single funding programme. The awards include three Integrated Projects (IPs) and three Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREPs) and they consolidate KMi�s position as one of the leading international research centers in semantic technologies. Specifically Professor Motta has been awarded: a.. �1.55M for the project NeOn: Lifecycle Support for Networked Ontologies b.. �565K for XMEDIA: Knowledge Sharing and Reuse across Media and c.. �391K for OK: Openknowledge – Open, coordinated knowledge sharing architecture. Dr Domingue has been awarded: a.. �711K for SUPER: Semantics Utilised for Process management within and between Enterprises, b.. �484K for LUISA: Learning Content Management System Using Innovative Semantic Web Services Architecture and c.. �222K for LHDL: Living Human Digital Library It should also be noted that KMi projects came top of the rankings in both the IP and STREP categories and the award for the NeOn project constitutes the largest ever project grant in the 10-year history of KMi. These awards will fund twenty-two new research positions in KMi.


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