KMi approach to wearable-enhanced learning presented to EC

The annual performance review of the TELLME project last week in Luxembourg saw KMi present work on learning by doing with a wearable, mixed reality job performance aid to the European Commission.

Innovation and technological advances in manufacturing  created a skills gap across the globe, shifting demand for human labour from robotizable production jobs to the before and after markets in inception, prototyping, setup, operation, services, and the like.

TELLME aims to fill this gap by reinventing learning technology for human-centred and service-oriented manufacturing workplaces in small and medium enterprises.

The work presented includes progress in tracking learner behaviour from interaction with the real world. Moreover, the work includes facilities for encapsulating learning experience and workplace descriptions in models (to establish interoperability), and a new glyph language for visual instruction in production, quality assurance, and maintenance.

The video below shows an example of the new technology, a guided setup of a Dornier Lindauer Weaving Mill in the production of textiles.

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