Keynote: Learning in a Post Personal Computer World

Today, I had the pleasure of presenting a keynote opening talk for the eMadrid event running, you would not be surprised to learn, in Madrid, Spain as a guest of Caros III University. This event is run annually and is a coordination action to bring together the Universities of this huge city and have them reflect upon the impact of new technology. This year, the focus on learning had them seeking to understand a Web 2.0 impact upon Spain and their Universities. My own talk on "Learning in a Post Personal Computer World" emphasised the impact of new technologies and the affordances of new devices for their students.

Gonzalo León Serrano (Vice-Chancellor of Research, UPM) Edmundo Tovar (eMadrid Responsible in the UPM) and Carlos Delgado Kloos (Coordinator, eMadrid Network-UC3M) led the day; I did some interviews through the day, and many presentations were in Spanish – so my language skills are definitely being tested.

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