Following the earlier announcement of a UKP 0.7million grant from the Millennium Commission, a newly formed Advisory Committee met for the first time today in the Knowledge Media Institute. The main tasks of the Committee are to oversee the Open University and the Living Archive Millennium Awards Scheme, provide advice on future developments, and advise the Millennium Commission on which 300 parents will receive Awards (about UKP 2,000 each) during the next 2 years.

Members of the Committee present at today’s meeting were: Mrs Sue Cox, Headteacher, Bushfield School, Wolverton; Professor Marc Eisenstadt, Director, Knowledge Media Institute; Mrs Marion Hill, Living Archive Board Member; Miss Tracy Holland-Smith, Marketing Department, Gedas UK Ltd; Mr Julian Hunt, County Records and Local Studies Manager, Aylesbury; Mrs Marilyn Moffat, Governor (Walton High) and Parent (Heronsgate School); Mr Chris Stevens, Head of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion, BECTa (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency); Mr Roger Kitchen, General Manager, The Living Archive and Project Manager; Professor Tom Vincent, Deputy Director, Knowledge Media Institute and Project Manager; Mrs Jane Whild, Scheme Coordinator.