ICT Training for the Multimedia Society

Eight new teachers from Heronsgate Middle School are participating in ICT training sessions at KMi as part of a pilot programme to test teaching materials for the CLUTCH Club Millenium Award Scheme.

For the teachers the sessions provide them with the skills to make ICT activities integrate effectively with study in other parts of the curriculum – using the computer to genuinely contribute to project work in areas as diverse as history, music and mathematics. For the METG Millenium Awards Team it is an invaluable method of testing new teaching methods and new technology. A suite of 5 coloured iMacs and has been set up for this purpose with internet access and an array of different peripherals for media capture.

“Heronsgate School has a broad range of internet and multimedia enabled Macintoshes and enjoys excellent internet access”, says Shamus Foster, Training and Support Manager for the METG Millenium Awards Team. “As such, these teachers are in ideal position to take the skills learnt here and develop and extend them through real classroom activities. I’m really looking forward to see what they can achieve.”

Previous Heronsgate project work is at: http://heronsgate.op en.ac.uk/projects/index.html


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