IADIS 2002

The IADIS congress (International Association for the Development of the information Society) in Portugal is well underway now. Kevin Quick and Peter Scott are presenting the results from the AEC project (Assisted Electronic Communication). AEC has been running for 2 years now in an acute NHS hospital.

In many parallel sessions, there is much going on here – which is just as well cos it is wet and it is cold. With keynotes from Peter Brusilovsky and Hermann Maurer we might be at any AACE gig, but the final keynote from Dias de Figueiredo (Coimbra U.) on the e-learning business, nicely underlines that we are at an event highlighting the education/business connection of the information society (and with a strongly euro-flavour). Peter B. spoke enthusiastically about the power of adaptivity in media design – changing and shifting the sands beneath the learner. And of course, Hermann had much to say about discussion forums and agency. It turns out that he too has a form of *virtual participant* agent running on his discussion forums, and other corpora …

Of course, the biggest flavour of all, at such a gig these days is XML … and few speakers will omit a section on the generic nature of their coding for a newer web! Actually, most of the things that we do, in Knowledge Media, are also here – in a variety of formats. Which is nice.

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