High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Visits

The Hon Richard Godber, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, today visited KMi. The Sheriff is Her Majesty The Queen&#39s representative in the County and the office dates back over a thousand years.

The system of appointing Sheriffs reflects the antiquity of the office. It is the responsibility of each High Sheriff to provide the names of people suitable to serve in the future. These names are added to the list of Sheriffs, and every November at a ceremony in the High Court, the Lord Chief Justice and three other judges formally add as many new names for each county as are needed to ensure that there are Sheriffs in nomination for each of the next three years. The following March The Queen, at a meeting of the Privy Council, formally selects one of the three nominated Sheriffs to serve for the next twelve months by literally pricking a hole through his or her name on the List with a bodkin.

Although the method of appointing Sheriffs may not conform to best practice in public appointments it should be seen against the background of an unpaid voluntary job whose functions are largely ceremonial, and of which the expenses can be considerable. The post is unpaid and the general expenses of the office are borne personally by the holder.

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