Hexagon Update

The new URL for access to the KMi ONLY Hexagon Room is:


Which is intended to be a private-to-kmi room for our experiments. Please join us, even if only to listen to News-24 🙂 And yes we know it is a bit broken up, we are musing on this …

Actually, the direct to room url has not changed (http://cnm.open.ac.uk/projects/hexagon/hexagonvo.html) but it may do so in the future! It doesnt need a password … yet.

And you need the correct kmi-only page if you want to try out the StandAlone Application version. Which may be downloaded now (only) from here. The App version carries this ***health warning***: you will need to revisit the page to update it regularly! Old versions will be disabled dynamically – so you will need the new one! The app is neat for those who want to zoom in and out of the hexes, set it as a startup app, properly background it … etc.

BTW: One reason we have done this is to open HEX to public view. So there is a public demo room now available for (suitably cautioned) folks to consider. It is not intended for widespread public consumption just yet, but there are some folks we know who really, really need to see it …


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