hex at the lake; hex at the airport

Gosh, these Swiss folks like their wireless LANs… not many places here in Lugano that I could not connect my various machines from (well, big places like hotels, etc, anyway). For a price, of course.

Attached is Lugano Airport lounge. Me trying to see what is happening back at the ranch on my way back from EdMedia 2004. Answer: not much; it is fairly late and most folks have gone! This picture isnt as nice as the lake, with the trout feeding beneath my balcony. But the screen on my laptop is easier to read. You will have to look more closely at this story (hit the direct link button) if you want to see the lake views.

And my plane is late. (Hence my time to compose the Rostra story).

KMi News Image 1
KMi News Image 2