Happy 45th Birthday, Open University

KMi celebrated The Open University’s 45th ‘Charter Day’ today celebrating the historic signing of The Open University Charter with the launch of the new OU Pipeline, a website dedicated to the delivery of Knowledge Media technologies into the OU. 

Showing off KMi pipeline technologies at Charter Day 2014, we presented a range of new work in three broad themes: the future of scholarly knowledge; a future of data; and the future of place.

Our ‘Future Place’ theme is significantly wide-reaching to have had its own stand at Charter Day, where it showed the new work of MK:Smart via a future vision of Milton Keynes, the home of the main OU campus.
Similarly, on the KMi stand we presented some ‘Place’ themed technology, such as your individual library of texts via interactive eTextBooks; and your own laboratory via ‘webcasting live and interactive’.

The ‘Future Scholar’ theme showcased two projects:
CORE – which is already ‘plugged in’ to the OU’s Open Research Online service (ORO), and represents a vision of the future of open knowledge exchange, as it reads, integrates and shares the world’s open texts;
Rexplore – which maps the changing shape of scholarly disciplines via research people and publications.
The ‘Future Data’ theme showcased three projects:
OUAnalyse – which is creating a dashboard to help us predict and support student success via behavioural data;
OUSocial – which reminds us that ’emotion’ is a key part of any analysis, and indicates how we might mine social spaces for learning-related emotion;
DiscOU – which presents a range of Apps that leverage Linked Data to discover and connect OU resources to the world.
All in all, some exciting KMi innovations to celebrate 45 years of Open University innovation!

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