Follow-Up to George Smith

Nigel Pigott writes:
“I&#39ve just had two phone calls from George. The first was after he had spoken to Bernie Rickinson at IOM3. Apparently he is very keen to pursue the idea of networking high tech materials companies and has some funding that could be devoted to a demonstrator project. George then spoke to Ian Harrison at the DTI who has also expressed enthusiasm (or as much enthusiasm as civil servants are allowed to express). The particularly interesting thing is that the DTI is going to announce a Knowledge Transfer Networks initiative on 1 April, so we have a chance to get in ahead of this and maybe even influence their thinking.

I may get a call from Harrison today but if not he has Alan&#39s (ed. Bassindale) name too.

George was clearly knocked out by what he saw in KMi and has seeded the idea of a Sainsbury visit with the DTI. If Ian Harrison thinks this is a runner then I guess we need to hand over to the Political Liaison Office to take it forward. In the meantime if Peter could think about what would be needed to set up a demonstrator project and Mike could talk to Rickinson (mainly to make sure that he is as keen as George says he is), then Alan and I will decide how the whole thing should be handled at University level, since it may not be appropriate for the R&S Office to take it beyond the early stages.”


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