Flashmeeting Service launched for Milton Keynes Schools

Today KMi has launched a web based videoconferencing solution for all Milton Keynes schools under the auspices of MKSchools.Net. Hosted on their own network and based on the CNM Flashmeeting Server the new service is available to all of the 90 Schools in the Milton Keynes area.

The MK Schools.Net team, based at the Open University, will be working closely with the Centre for New Media team to ensure that all of our local schools now have access to webcams with the ability to just point-and-click to launch a web-based flashmeeting video-conference.

With this system, supported by Milton Keynes Council, any teacher in the Milton Keynes LEA region can arrange a toll-free multiparty teleconference of up to 20 participants (teachers, kids or parents) with a couple of clicks of a mouse on a webpage. At the moment, only teachers in the MK region can book these meetings, but anyone in the world can attend.

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