FlashMeeting receives more praise!

More and more people are saying positive things about KMi&#39s web meeting tool FlashMeeting. From amongst the latest in a line of nice citations from amongst the world&#39s busiest bloggers, a review from Robin Good&#39s Kolabora News web page is very positive about the system. Says Good, “… what I appreciate the most in this tool is the effort placed toward usability and UI design. I can definitely appreciate the extra mile the design team has gone to, to make everything in this tool work as intuitively as one would expect”.

He also likes the latest addition to FlashMeeting&#39s continually growing feature list. The ability to hold a vote within the meeting. Votes are also recorded along with the rest of the meeting and the results shown in the meeting&#39s CNM Memo replay. “… an absolute breeze to use. Kudos. Great job!”

Also new in the latest release of FlashMeeting are &#39Emoticons&#39 – ephemeral icons that a participant can use for &#39unobtrusive&#39 and immediate response to a comment from the person broadcasting.

The team promises to keep the application as light as possible – even burdened with these powerful new facilities!

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