FlashMeeting now with Minutes!

We have a pretty big community who have been running FlashMeetings for a long time now and are used to regular feature updates. We have not bothered to mention the addition of little things like Voting and Smileys to the cute things that we do. But the new minuting tool is worth a mention.

Pretty much everyting that happens in a FlashMeeting is logged for the replay as interesting meta-data. By now you may have spotted that when you are emailed about the recording, the replay url is identical to the live meeting url – save that you use the word memo with your meeting ticket. So, now, when you are looking at the recording of your meeting you can look at a textual version – try mintutes instead. Where the meeting organizer has made some notes on the meeting – these can be presented as meeting minutes in a nice textual form, which also shows uls, votes, and text chat alongside all the other usual meta-data of the FlashMeeting in question.

Look at the example shown below (of a recent real Prolearn WP-2 business meeting, by the way) and you will get the idea of where we are heading with this. Prolearn team people will be used to the idea of regular reviews of the recordings of all of our meetings – but now we can make the recordings much more easy to traverse – and quickly!

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