Expert Search: Live, Kicking & Mobile!

Jianhan Zhu’s award-winning Expert Search, notable for pinpointing people rather than just documents, is now available for mobile phone users via the OU Library’s innovative site. Dr. Zhu, a Research Fellow in KMi, has successfully deployed his technology again at this year’s TREC (Text Retrieval Conference), coming in the top 3 places in the automatic runs and best in the manual run in the Enterprise Expert Search task.

Expert Search scours hundreds of thousands of pages, assigning scores to named individuals by using knowledge of the structures of different documents and the relative locations of names within the documents. Now, the same technology has been rolled out in a secure Intranet-only version by Hassan Sheikh of the OU Library, on a site which senses which kind of browser you are using so that the pages can be re-rendered suitably for mobile devices.

Users with OU login accounts can test the technology by visiting the links below.

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