Euro-Award for KMI

KMI has been awarded 22,500 Ecu from the European Commission to carry out research in the area of knowledge-based systems. This grant will fund a pilot study on the development of an intelligent brokering service which will enable third party knowledge-component reuse through the World-Wide Web. The total budget for the project – called IBROW3 – is 100K Ecus, and the funding will be provided in the context of the Framework IV Long Term Research Programme.
The IBROW3 project is a joint collaboration between four european academic institutions: the University of Amsterdam, the Spanish Centre for Scientific Research, the University of Karlsruhe and The Open University. The scenario envisaged in IBROW3 is one in which intelligent applications will be developed primarily by selecting and configuring pre-existing components from distributed libraries, thus significantly reducing development costs and improving system quality.
The initial pilot study will test the feasibility of the approach proposed for IBROW3. If this initial phase is successful, then a second, extended phase is planned, which will require funding for about 1,300,000 Ecus.
In particular, KMI will be responsible for defining the specification of the library of reusable components and for testing the approach on a number of design applications. This work will draw on recent research by Enrico Motta and Zdenek Zdrahal, which has produced a library of problem solving components for design. The KMI contribution to IBROW3 will be conducted by Enrico Motta.
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